Our Instructors are Getting Five-Star Reveiws!

I took this course years ago. The instructors are very thorough and he make sit his mission to inform his students of all rules and regulations. Thank you Ladd Security.
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I love the instructor Bob make security fun and made great sense
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Pepper S.
The best SORA class, great price, great instructor learned so many new things, I feel very educated on being a SORA and what it’s like to be one. I highly recommend this Class it was amazing!
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Tameea E.
Bob was great.
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Jose C.

The Best Price for Sora Training in NJ!

NJ SORA for Only $98!
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Want to pay on the first day of class?

If you want to pay by money order or cash on the day of the class, we require an $8.00 reservation fee which will be credited toward the full payment. Click here to pay our $8.00 Reservation Fee. The balance is due the day of class.

Class Dates
Sat & Sun, April 20 & 21
Wed & Thurs, April 24 & 25
Sat, May 4, 9:00 am in Passaic
Sat & Sun, May 18 & 19
Wed & Thurs, May 22 & 23
Wed & Thurs, June 19 & 20
Sat & Sun, June 29 & 30

Check-in time for Secaucus classes is 3:30 pm


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Our Students are Automatically Added to our PREFERRED LIST & Receive Job Offers from Top Security Companies.

Mandatory Requirements for SORA Certification Class:

  1. 30-day temp. certificate from the NJ State Police is required to receive your Sora License. The NJSP charges $80.00 for the temp. certificate. Click here to get your 30-day temp. certificate. If you need help registering for the temp. certificate from the NJ State Police we can help you register on the day of the class.
  2. Students must also bring at least two forms of proper identification to class, which must include one photo ID. Any legitimate form of ID and Photo ID will suffice. Examples of legitimate forms of ID are: passport, current NJ drivers license, social security card, birth certificate, student ID, state professional license, NJ firearm purchaser ID card, valid government employee photo ID card.
  3. Bring a money order or cash to pay for the class. If you have paid the $8 registration fee, bring $90 for Plan A and $169 for Plan B. If you want to pay by credit card, please click here to pay on our website.
  4. A note pad and pen will be provided.
  5. Casual dress is suggested

Fingerprinting is not mandatory before class. Fingerprinting IS REQUIRED WITHIN 30 DAYS of registering with the NJ State Police. The cost of fingerprinting is $66.05.

CPR Certification for ONLY $79.00!

Need to get CPR certified? Sign up for our one-day course and get your First Aid/CPR/AED two-year card!

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